Find yourself a quest!

Find yourself a quest!

June 2, 2020

Adventure is for everyone. We must choose to embrace a quest, and we must choose to live for adventure.

How to find a quest in your life:

  • A quest has a clear goal and a specific end point.

    • A quest must begin and then end
  • A quest presents a clear challenge.
    • A quest requires something to be overcome
    • A quest doesn’t need to be impossible but it also shouldn’t be easy
  • A quest requires a sacrifice of some kind.
    • To pursue a big dream, you must give something up along the way
    • Sometimes the sacrifice is obvious in the beginning and sometimes it’s only obvious later
  • A quest is often driven by a calling or sense of mission.
    • A calling is commonly expressed as a deep sense of internal purpose
    • People who pursue quests feel driven, pushed, or otherwise highly motivated to keep going
  • A quest requires a series of small steps and incremental progress toward a goal.
    • You don’t simply arrive at the holy grail the day after you set out to find it (if you do, it’s likely not the holy grail or a quest)

A quest is a journey toward something specific, with a number of challenges throughout and they likely require a series of logistical steps and some kind of personal growth.

Mindset for a passionate life.

Mindset for a passionate life.

June 1, 2020

What’s one belief you have about yourself that keeps you from finding and following your passion? Do you think you’re not worthy of doing something you enjoy? Do you think you have nothing to share? Do you think you don’t have enough time?

Your beliefs control you attitudes, fears, and productivity.

Roadblocks: What are the ideas that are trying to stop you from living a passionate life? Example: Maybe you’re afraid to pursue your passion because you believe it involves quitting your job. The idea of quitting your job is so radical that it holds you back from pursuing happiness, but you don’t NEED to star there. You just have to be willing to start.

Nothing big needs to happen. Have the mindset of introducing 10 minutes of passion into your life each day.

Time to write: Don’t even think about your passion when you start writing this time… just start by asking yourself “What would you have to believe to live a passionate life?” What ideas would you hold as true to follow your heart? While you write, this will help you identify what’s holding you back.

What do other people ask you about?

What do other people ask you about?

May 29, 2020

Before I started helping people find their passions, I was asked by high schoolers, college students, and even seasoned veterans about what decisions they should make professionally to be happiest… I even talked a few 40+ year olds into quitting their jobs and taking on more fulfilling roles. The point is, I had people already asking me for help in pursuing there passion but… I dealt with imposter syndrome: I was too afraid to start teaching because I figured there were already so many experts out there. But finally I went for it and it worked. It was just more proof that I was the one holding myself back from doing something I loved.

The question in the title is simple: The answers may not feel feasible at times and that’s okay. But ask yourself, what do your friends ask you about? What question do you find yourself answering more often than normal? Don’t dismiss anything and follow the thread.

Roadblocks: Be aware of any mental roadblocks that negate your findings.

Time to write: Begin by answering the question: “What do people come to me for advice about?”


  • When people ask me for advice, they generally ask about…
  • I hate helping people with…
  • I feel fulfilled when I help people…
How do we stay motivated all week??

How do we stay motivated all week??

May 28, 2020

Brandon: "How do you guys stay motivated all week? I'm always amped up and excited to get the week going but then... when Tuesday and Wednesday roll around I lose that fire to accomplish great things."

We have all felt this way. It's hard to stay motivated day after day... especially if you don't have an "end" goal to work towards.

Welcome to Pocket Thoughts! Today, the boys and I talk in great detail about what strategies we use to focus up and put in the needed effort to accomplish great things. Thanks for listening:)

What will you do when you’ve found your passion?

What will you do when you’ve found your passion?

May 27, 2020

Once you’re living a passionate life and everything is perfect, what will you do and how will you behave? I’ve consistently fallen into the trap of thinking I needed something to be happy before I could be happy.

I thought I needed to build a big business prior to being happy... I’m energetic and love having fun with people but when I was pursuing a big business, I felt ashamed not reaching my goals, I didn’t want to hangout with people because I didn’t feel like I deserved it... Essentially I have made a formula for my misery.

The goal is to switch it around. What if I were Y (happy) even if X didn’t happen? What does that look like? What do I do every day during the journey of building a large company to be happy?

We’re all waiting for something, so what are you waiting for?
What’s stopping you from doing what you want to do?
What’s stopping you from being happy right now?

Time to write: Start by answering, "What will I do when I’ve found my passion?" Write an answer to this question for 5-10 minutes. Answering other questions along the way, like:

  • When I find my passion, I will finally…
  • When I’m living the life of my dreams, I will…
  • I haven’t found my passion yet, so it’s okay for me to…
  • For me it’s important to find my passion, because…
How will you know when you are living a passionate life?

How will you know when you are living a passionate life?

May 26, 2020

How will you know that you are living a passionate life? What measurables can you tie to this success? What are the signs that will tell you that you’ve done it? Quick tip: the answer is rarely money, wealth, fame. The answer usually goes beyond those items. Most people think the answer is money but they are often wrong! Happiness, joy and passion come from the inside.

The goal is to be happy right now. Ask yourself “what’s stopping you from being happy right now?” The answer is usually tied to ideas, beliefs, and thoughts that you’ve picked up from others throughout the years. Just remember that following your passion should not be a thing in the future.

Roadblocks: Be aware of your own and other peoples assumptions about passion. Don’t be too vague when answering the question. For example: "I started waking up every morning refreshed. I couldn’t fall asleep right away at night because I was too excited to the next day. My life felt like a smooth ride, even with challenges along the way."

Write about the following prompts:
When I find my passion, my life will be…
When I find my passion, I will feel…
I will know I’ve found my passion when…

How do you define passion?

How do you define passion?

May 25, 2020

What is your definition of passion?

This question is about diving into what ideas, beliefs and thoughts you have around the word passion. My definition: It’s about waking up, feeling excited to be alive, and feeling grateful to be doing what I love. It’s jumping out of bed, and being fully ready to tackle the day. It’s living through your heart, feeling fulfilled, because you know where you need to be.

Possible roadblocks: Discomfort. You will have to go through what society has told you passion is, and then uncover what it truly means to you, because that the only thing that matters

Time to write: “How do you define passion?” What ideas, thoughts and beliefs do you have around passion? Write without censoring yourself. If you run out of things to say, just keep writing whatever pops up in your mind. Example: “This exercise is super strange and I’ve complete run out of things to say. And I don’t know why but I was just thinking of a pink turtle racing a green flamingo. Hmmm.”

Passion for me means…
Passion for my friends and family means…
When I’m living a passionate life, it looks…
When I’m following my passion, I feel…

Entrepreneurial Update

Entrepreneurial Update

May 22, 2020

Today is a bit of an update! I let you know what's going on with Three Timbers, Educating Entrepreneurs, and Henry Brothers Investments, while slipping in a quick story about how one of our buildings had a pretty major leak over the weekend...

If you could change one thing…

If you could change one thing…

May 15, 2020

The boys are back and I love it! We answer a few fun questions today:

1. When you become a parent, what's something that your parents used to do to you or for you that you want to mimic for your own children?

2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be and why?

3. Random Q: If you could dive into a pool of anything right now, what would it be a pool of?

I hope you enjoy!

Make Money Your B!tch

Make Money Your B!tch

May 14, 2020

Brady is back and we talked about a lot! We were all over the board today, talking about compounded interest, daily motivations that get us out of bed every morning, the fear of opening a new business alone, and much more.

Quick question for all of you: What is the one thing that keeps you focused and gets you out of bed to work hard every morning?? Leave your comment below.

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