Life Experiments

June 15, 2020

Life can get a stagnant so try one of these life experiments this week:

  • Attempt to begin a conversation with a stranger
  • Take only cold showers for a week
  • Sit in a public place and stare straight ahead for ten minutes
  • Make a rule that you’ll reach for your gym clothes as soon as the alarm goes off (no snooze button!)
  • Go to work a different way or by a different form of transportation
  • Completely rearrange the furniture in your living room or bedroom
  • Vary a workout routine by choosing exercises based on dice rolls
  • Join a free foreign language meetup (visit and search for your choice of language)
  • Offer a room of your house for rent on
  • Offer your couch to a traveler on
  • In a recurring meeting, deliberately choose a different seat
  • If you’re usually active in meetings, determine to speak less. If you’re usually silent, speak up!
  • Post “Anything I can help you with?” on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you gather with friends online. Respond to as many answers as you can.
  • Laugh out loud in public at something that isn’t funny. See what happens.
  • Bring dog treats to the park and give them to strangers (primarily the ones who have dogs)
  • Stop carrying an umbrella when it rains. You might get wet, but chances are you won’t melt

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